Aground | Not another pixel survival…

1879e8d0e9d08d882b190a84ca990010_original (1)Look what we have just discovered this week! Aground, a pixel-art game where like in other games, you’ll have to survive with few other victims of the crash. You will be able to mine, craft and survive. Inspired by Utopian Mining, Starbound and A Dark Room, you will start only with the simple ability to gather wood, and from there you will be able to develop advanced technologies, learn magic and expand to other islands.

Will you be able to confront the threat that caused you to crash? Fly dragons? Launch into space? The sky is literally not the limit.

454b40148d8e911764a737e1af11a160_originalOne of the strongest points of this game isn’t in its gameplay, it’s in their developers. Looking for other games, you find people that only want to get money forgetting about what community needs and deserves, but these people have on their Kickstarter webpage videos, Gifs, Images, a great explanation about the game, a huge different system of different types of donations etc.

We want to do more than achieve our vision – we want to make the game that YOU want to play. From day 1, community involvement in Aground has been everything to us.

c0c5f98e6319397e6344c68fe22bda01_originalTo sum up, Aground looks amazing, not only for what they have in mind, they will get a very good game if they reach enough feedback from the community and they mix it with their hard work.



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