Forager- Survive to the Pixel Islands

ALPHA 6Forager is an open world-survival game inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda, Terraria, Stardew Valley and Minecraft. With a great number of puzzles, items, tools and building structures, it will keep you hooked since the first moment you play it.



Gif 1Forager has a very simple keyboard use, WASD for movement and the mouse to click, change selected item etc. The main objective of the game will be to level up and to get gold to unlock different areas to explore. These areas may allow you to create new tools and structures or just a new piece of terrain to farm. This mixed with its EXP-system that you will have to use to grow faster and make your gameplay easier seems to be one of the strongest points of this game.

Gif 2

As you can see in many other indie games, its graphics are very simple but original, and at the same time the use of vivid colors and its relaxing soundtrack, make you forget about how many hours have you been playing.



In this moment, Forager needs to increase its variety of items, skills, and content etc. but I’m sure its developer will continue working as hard as he has done since today. Good ideas, original content and simple but attractive gameplay will make this game reach the indie games community top.

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If you enjoyed this preview, and you want more, don’t forget to share it! Comment or like it. If you want to contact with Forager developer studio you can do it via Twitter @_HopFrog, via email or at their website.

All these images show game content that can be changed or deleted in the future






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