Pine- Open World and Amazing Creatures

Pine_KickstarterScreenshot_1Today we bring you a new preview style, a faster one that will give you the strongest points of every game.

Pine is an open-world 3d graphic adventure where AI organisms have their own lives, goals and quests. We’ll take the role of a brave teenager called Hue, one of the last humans of Albamare, and our aim will be to find our way to a new home.

Pine_KickstarterScreenshot_3One of the most important characteristics of this game is the IA movements. “Pine is world-centric, meaning that things will happen across the island even without your involvement. Based on principles borrowed from evolution and ecology theory, every single species will try what it can to survive.”

Pine_KickstarterScreenshot_6  Pine will also allow us to play using a variety of weapons, but at the same time, IA will adapt to our way of fighting to find our weakness and to defend themselves better.



To sum up,  despite we will have to wait to play it, we hope it’s IA actions will surprise us a lot, creating an original atmosphere we are not used to finding in offline games.Pine_Screenshot2Pine_Screenshot1Pine_Screenshot5Pine_Screenshot3Pine_Screenshot4




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