Nether World – Pixels, Drugs, and Alcohol


What is Nether World?

DesiertoBoss1KickNetherWorld is an action pixel-styled side-scrolling game made by a Spanish development studio called Hungry Pixel. In Nether World we will take the role of a creature that has just gone through a breakup and finds support in alcohol, drugs and lust. We will play different amazing pixel scenarios that show a decadent and devastated world inhabited by charismatic and unusual beings.

TreeBoss1NetherWorld will make you get hooked on its unusual deep story unfold through its pixel-art atmosphere while you fight against final bosses using a huge variety of items and weapons. During all the game, we will meet tons of NPCs mixed with a wicked sense of humor.



As always if you enjoyed the preview like it! and, if you want to look for more information check out the developers’ Twitter and webpage. And if you want to know when are we uploading new content follow us on Twitter!!



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