Epic Loon -Aliens and retro memories-


What is Epic Loon


Story_VHS_ILIEII5Epic Loon story starts when classic movie nerd named Joe accidentally frees a group of rogue aliens from a VHS cleaning tape while attempting to fix his VCR. As revenge for being awoken from their slumber, they invade every scene of every movie he watches on his VCR, and Joe tries to retaliate with his remote control to stop them. The game will have two different ways to play: Story Mode, which can be played either by yourself or as a local multiplayer, which unlocks new content for Battle Mode, essentially a “race” version of the game, in which you’ll fight to the finish against friends in order to win first place on levels. Online is not an option in this game, you have to play this game like the good old days, all sat on your couch.


How was this project born?


Story_VHS_Grojira5Inspired by some classic movies and those days playing games with your friends on your coach, in 2015 and after some “meetings”, “Kris, came up with the idea for the game being based around the core mechanics of a web-based game he had played earlier that week. So we threw some placeholder graphics on a screen with the physics required to pull off our vision. Once we saw that our idea would work, we got to developing Epic Loon.” 


Follow the progress of the game


Story_VHS_Nosferacula7-minAt this time, we don’t know the price of the game, but, according to developers “We promise that whatever it ends up being, it will be worth it”. The releasing day is expected to be in early 2018 in PC / PS4 / Xbox One. As always, if you liked the review don’t forget to follow the progress of the developers at their website.

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This game, as all the ones previewed can suffer changes during developing that aren’t shown here.






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