What is Omno ?


ScreenShot00040Omno is a third-person puzzle and exploration platformer with unique game mechanics and a fascinating world to explore. You will enjoy a very ambitious game while you solve monumental puzzles with unique powers. Inspired by games that make you think of the world as Journey, Abzu, Zelda, Limbo / Inside, but also in the classics such as FF7, ElderScrollGames, etc., its single developer combines his 10-year career as an independent animator and his video game knowledge in this attractive project.


Release day and price


ScreenShot00041Although we don’t know the day of Omno’s release, its developer has told us that it expects to have a solid playable structure next summer and release it by the end of next year. About the price, “There is no specific price tag yet. I will need to discuss that with some experienced people from the industry to find an appropriate prize for the customers AND to cover my expenses. ” (11/25/2017) As he is working alone and the game is still at an early stage of development, we do not have much information about it.


Meet the developer and his project


catapult2“Working as an animator for so many years was a great experience and really shaped my artistic skills in many ways. Nevertheless, I felt like I need to find a way to express myself in a more complex way. I was working for an AAA game studio at that time and realized while studying their animation pipeline, that with the engine they were using I was able to create much more visual art than before. After some small private learning projects, I was working on some visual and gameplay concepts for a world which allows me to express some very deep and subtle emotions that few games seem to pick up on. People were able to instantly catch what I was trying to convey, which was an overwhelming feeling, receiving so many positive comments. That was the time when I first thought about making Omno an actual game to be released.


Doubts?  More Information? Contacting us?


puzzle2As always if you liked this review, don’t forget to make it us know it by writing a comment or leaving a like! If you want to contact the developer or following the game progress you can do it on his twitter account, as well as on his facebook or on his website. You can also do it via email

As the last thing, his developer will try to go full time to Omno as soon as possible to finish it on time. Maybe he starts a crowdfunding project to not only be able to dedicate himself completely to that project, but also to get help to progress faster. Every feedback with him or us will be appreciated.




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