Blossom & Decay


Game Description


DMYGeNLWkAA_n9mBlossom & Decay is an online browser-based, sandbox MMO ARPG that mixes action combat with crafting and survival mechanics in an open world.

At the beginning, the terrain is empty without buildings.  All the structures will be created by users that will have to figure out ways to defend their lands from enemies. NPC traders will be an important point too &because* the economy will be fully player-driven, allowing users to speculate with products. When players go offline, they don’t de-spawn, instead, game AI will execute instructions set by the player.



Meet the project with the developers

DNj-zpCXkAAPcCG“We started because we were missing games like Ultima Online. The only real emergent-narrative sandbox game out there is EVE, and that is almost inaccessible without hours of learning. So we want to do a way more casual and fantasy-themed variant of a game like EVE, but with Zelda-like action combat. Also, most MMOGs are real time-consumers and don’t go together well with a real-life (job, kids, …) in parallel. So that’s also a point we want to address” (When players go offline they can set instructions to made by the AI)


 Date, Price and Inspiration


blossom-and-decay-daniel-story-clanThe closed (alpha) sandbox demo will be released at the end of this year. The final game will be released in 2018 followed by a testing and refining period.

The game will be Free to Play so you can play without paying or paying a monthly premium subscription similar to the one in EVE. ($1-5/ month ) Target is to keep the servers running and pay for ongoing development of the game.

Inspired in popular games like Zelda, Eve Online, Ultima and many SNES action adventures, its developers took the best of each game to start with this project, trying to avoid the thousands of hours of non-sense farming and already created stories.

Play it and contact developers

DN-pJzmUEAEDLMgIf you are as interested in this game as we are, you can know more about their game on their webpageon their forum or contact them at You can also try their Demo as we have already done! But remember this shows a quite old sample and only represents the combat fraction of the game (when sandbox was not implemented yet).

We also have to mention that this is a small studio and that they profit a lot from any feedback, as well as us. Soon they will publish a sandbox demo so they will need beta-testers that are actively playing. If you are interested follow their progress on twitter also.


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