Shadow Bug

Today, I’m publishing the first Tested Game on the webpage, similar to previews but the difference is that this is 100% my opinion about it and that this is only based on my gaming experience.



111 First of all, Shadow Bug is a platform-graphic adventure, with an easy difficulty but with some tricky levels that we will have to repeat and repeat dozens of times. Its gameplay is not the typical one that we can find in a platform game, to move the main character, we will have 2 keys A (left) and D (right). To move the firefly / fairy that comes with us we will use the mouse, with which we will click on the different enemies to move with a jump to them and destroy them with our katana. As in other platform games we will finish the level reaching the goal (a white door)  we can also lengthen the game experience by trying to complete the 3 stars (time finished at each level, arrival to the goal and collect a number of points that variates in each level) + the collection of an orb that gives us 1000 points when we pick it up and that tends to be hidden.


1111Simple, the game is based exclusively on the fight of nature against the massive destruction of forests and the contamination of water and soil. In spite of the importance of this subject, the game does not pass from there. Our protagonists won’t have names or previous history, which I think it is a little disadvantage, because of the lack of the intrigue in us that makes us want to advance to the end. This is balanced by the original gameplay and the graphics it has.




Boss GIFThe graphics impact the player since you start to play, in the first levels we will find forests in their full splendor, with colorful trees, but as we go on, the game becomes darker. The changes in graphics and music in each situation will make us don’t notice the lack of dialogs.


This game can be bought in steam for a price of 5 € and its hours of gameplay will be around 4 or 5 to finish the story but some more to get the 3 stars and magic orbs of each level. Assuming a € 1 / hour of gameplay I suggest you have this game in your Steam library.

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