Ohmu and the Tower of Secrets


Game story 

presTwoMany legends surround the “Tower of Secrets”. It is said that it contains an ancient weapon entitled to the conqueror of the tower and so much gold to buy a kingdom. …This time we will take the role of Ohmu, a young magician who has spent all his life training to reveal the secrets of the tower. Will he be the first one to return alive with all the answers he is looking for?

Ohmu and the Tower of Secrets is a Fast paced 2D action platformer in pixel-art style.  Against a huge variety of traps, enemies, and dangers we will have to do our best to solve the puzzles we will find all over our adventure.


Inspiration, Date, Price


presThreeInspired by games like Caveblazers, Momodora, Shovel Knight and pixel-artist like Luis Zuno, this pixel art we are sure you will find this project worth it. We will be able to choose between 2 options. One with a price between 1-3€ with no adds (for pc and mobile devices) and a free one with adds only able for mobile devices. The releasing day will be around the end of 2018.


Meet the game with its developer.

presOne“I always loved gaming, from childhood until now. At one point in my life, not too long ago, when I was dissatisfied with my job, my girlfriend asked me: “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?”. The answer was clear: I would do games. So I started making games about a half a year ago in my free time. As a beginner, it’s important to do small projects and finish it. After failing at a bigger project and finishing a smaller one, I choose to make the smallest possible project, that I still would want to play: an action platformer.” 



Contact the developer 


Did you like the review? Leave us a like or comment your opinion about it or share it with your friends. As always you can contact us via twitter or email (topindigames@gmail.com). If you want, you can contact the developer’s studio or take a look at their work progress in their twitter account or email them here poinkgamesproduction@gmail.com  


The content we have shown you are talked you about is in an early development so everything can be changed in the future.

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