Character-EddieMy Uncle Merlin is an interactive adventure featuring wizards in space. It is a nonlinear, narrative-driven, choose-your-own-adventure, interactive fiction game, enriched with several RPG elements. In this game, you will take the role of a young wizard apprentice called Eddie, who will be desperate to prove himself and in need of a push in the right direction. The pushing is being done by your uncle Merlin, a Grand Wizard at the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Traffic Safety. You both will embark on an unconventional journey through the vast yet oddly symmetrical unknown, riding an unrelenting, dragon-propelled wizardly tower.

Character-GeorgeTheDragonDuring this adventure, you will be able to meet spellbinding characters, collect items and complete several quests. But whatever you do, don’t forget to FEED THE GODDAMN DRAGON!!

Even this project has been started 3 months ago, they have amazed us with the work they are doing with it. This 3 person studio is focusing on getting a good planning before focusing themselves on the content creation. At the same time, they have to constantly plan their Kickstarter campaign, supposed to go live in the following couple of weeks. “The campaign will last for 30 days, and if we are funded, we predict that the game will be finished and in stores sometime in June 2018” -Pedja, composes stuff.

3ScreenshotGameplayAs this is a Kickstarter project, and they’ve finished just the first out of 9 chapters they have planned, we still don’t know it’s price. The finished game will cost around $10, but we will be able to try the first chapter for free a couple of days before the start of the campaign.

We prefer to mention this answer than writing it with our own words:

Why did you start this project?

“Ever since we were kids, we’ve been pitching video game ideas amongst ourselves, and now we’re at the point of our lives that we can actually do something about it. Working alongside friends on projects we care about is all the motivation we will ever need.The whole project was mostly inspired by the works of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Apart from that, the world has a Slavic undertone. We just felt that in a fantasy setting, these motifs would make the overall experience refreshing.”


We hope you are as interested in this game as we are. As always you can contact us via twitter or email ( or comment below. If you want, you can contact the developers’ studio or take a look at their work progress in their twitter account, in their webpage, or via email

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