SS2Hopeless, it’s an uncommon, simplistic and short 2d story game about depression. You’ll play as a depressed character, showing the players the point of view and the everyday situations that depressed people sometimes face. The game is based on interviews with friends and reports all over the internet.


This is not a game with the aim of making you have the funniest time of your life. This game is prepared to make you know and feel how does a person with this illness feel like.

It is pretended to be released between the 22nd and 29th of September. The game will be sent to the GDWC (Game Development World Championship 2017). It’s going to be free. It will be released on gaming websites like Newgrounds, Itch.io and Kongregate.


“Depression is a very complicated disease. Some people don’t believe in it and see it the wrong way. We want those people to understand the fragility of a depressed person and we want to show depressed people that they’re not alone.The game is black and white because of a report from a depressed friend that says he doesn’t see any color in his life. We’ll be inserting some phrases based on real depressed people reports, during some situations. ”     -Project’s developer

MirrorAs always, please, give us a like or share it, if you liked the preview. This will allow us to grow faster and to find more games to preview. You can contact us via twitter or email (topindigames@gmail.com) or comment below. If you want, you can contact the developer or take a look at his work progress on his twitter account, or via email chronikin@gmail.com (official email)/ rhoger_sato@hotmail.com (personal email)


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