Darkness-LevelRain-LevelMidli is a narrative-driven Breakout-inspired adventure, with a relaxing yet dark atmosphere, where you collect the soul fragments of lingering spirits, to uncover their stories and help them move on. You play as Heli, a mysterious girl, who guides the fates of the spirits stuck in Midli, as she discovers a story of her own.



Trying to use the retro mechanics of Arkanoid games and with the aim of avoiding simple and casual games, they chose to add some narrative and depth to their project, offering something a little different to the typical mobile gaming experience.



Forgive or Forget

They were inspired by the Korean drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, especially in how this show does the storytelling and with some interesting characters and lore dealing with the bridge between our world and the next. To make the cutscenes, although we will find Midli much darker in many ways, their artist was also inspired by the work of Hayao Myazaki (Co-founder of Ghibli Studies)


With a half year of developing this game will be released in October/November 2017 with a single price of £2.99/$2.99/€3.49 and no micro-transactions; This is something we are not used to seeing in this type of games.

As always, please, give us a like or share it, if you liked the preview. This will allow us to grow faster and to find more games to preview. If you want any more info about it, you can contact us via comments, twitter or email (topindigames@gmail.com).  If you want, you can contact the developers or take a look at their work progress on their twitter account, on their webpage, or via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tumblr all as Dinobytelabs. You can support them too on their Kickstarter page.

Intro Cutscene 2Intro Cutscene 1




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