06Verdungeon is a 3D adventure video game that combines the concept of old board games with a turn-based dynamic system. You’ll control a little carrot (Carroto, the Vegetable’s Hero) that will have to fight the most dangerous Carnic Clan in the Orchard Reign to save the dungeons. We know that this idea sounds very crazy and a bit weird but we support healthy food. VEGS POWER!!

03After a few tries to put things together to build their first game and inspired by the work of artists and developers like Cocefi, Ree, Trudi Castle… Juan and Leyre, the two first developers of this idea, started around December (2016)  to make a few concepts and designs for a game idea that wasn’t planned at all. They designed Carroto and a lot of vegetable characters “We love the idea of bringing inanimated things to life”, Then, both realize they could mix these all things and create the game we will know soon. Some months later, they met Iñaki (the programmer), and with him, they could finally build the game they wanted.

02We only know the game releasing day will be in 2018. About the price, they are still hesitating about it, but as in many other indie games: “It won’t be free, but we know clearly that it will be a very affordable price to reach more people.” -Leyre, game artist.


05They will be showing Verdungeon for the first time at IndieMAD (in Madrid, Spain, 24th and 25th of November), feel free to go!


01As always, give us a like or share it, if you liked the preview. This will allow us to grow faster and to find more games to preview. If you want any more info about it, you can contact us via comments, twitter or email (  If you want, you can contact the developers or take a look at their work progress on their twitter account, on their web page, or via email


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