Gunpowder on The Teeth


GoTT_Screen01This review will be divided into two different projects: the Gunpowder on The Teeth (GoTT) and Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade (GoTT: Arcade). Both are 2D pixel-art platform games inspired by the games Super Meat Boy in the playability and in Battlefield saga in the idea.

GoTT Arcade Gameplay

GoTT: Arcade is a small game that was began in spring designed with the aim of advertising a bigger project. In it, we will find a bunch of missions, where we will have to kill enemy soldiers and destroy some vehicles by placing a bomb in them. It will be released at the end of autumn, although it is already finished there have to be some final improvements in bosses and in a bonus level.

GoTT_Screen02Gunpowder on The Teeth is the main project of both, with three years of development at its back, and two or three more in coming has a simple control and reflex variety, classic pixel graphics. In this game, we will take the control of 10 soldiers, supplied with various weapons and equipment, provided to effectively overcome the traps and obstacles, as well as to confront the enemy troops, with the support of Special Forces, and aircraft enginery.

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After a failed attempt the previous projects. A team of five people tried to make a game plan, but bigger and online. This idea didn’t work so GoTT’s developer left the group and started alone the project we know today.

If you want any more info about it, as always, you can contact us via comments, twitter or email (  If you want, you can contact the developer or take a look at their work progress on his twitter account, on his youtube channel, or via email 






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