Hellbound: the Awakening


Hellbound: the Awakening is a dark fantasy 2D action role-playing hack and slash video game. Set in the 18th century Europe, in the midst of a black plague epidemic. Hellbound allow the player to take control of a lone hero, who journeys to Hell, to battle Hell’s demons and to rid the world of the dark lord, who disguised himself in the form of the black plague.

r2ME22sCInspired by the 3 months its developer went to Spain to explore old gothic churches and architecture to get ideas, and some few games, that he played throughout his life like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Diablo I and II etc. Hellbound: the Awakening takes the best game mechanics from all these kind of games mentioned above, and adds a whole new unique and different style while retaining that familiar feel of a game that could be released on a SNES or Genesis.


The strongest point about this game is that all the content except for the music and some sound effects was created only by a single person, from gameplay to artwork, to level design. This also allows the developer to have the full control of the game developing and also gives him the opportunity to prove that great games can be still created by a single person.

oOfDptdvAs this developer has told us: “This project is my dream project, something that I wanted to do for last 14 years. unfortunately didn’t have an opportunity until now.” He loves dark fantasy games and, as many other future indie developers should do, he had some great ideas in his head that finally have been shared with the community. The current price of Hellbound: the Awakening will be $15. It is planned to release it on Steam, followed by Xbox One and PS4 releases. PS Vita is also a possibility. Also, he would like to have a collectors edition, which would have an artbook, soundtrack and something that he absolutely loves, an instruction manual.

As always, you can contact us via twitter or email (topindigames@gmail.com) or comment below. If you want, you can contact the developer or take a look at their work progress on his twitter account, on his web page, or via email miki.m3@hotmail.com




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