ezgif-2-b0ca033e0aSimplicity and difficulty are perfectly compatible, and here, we have the best example. A game with a very simple graphic design that looks made for kids, but, when you try it, makes you realize how hard it is. Only 2 keys and the ability to fly instead of jumping. The strongest point of this game is its variety of levels. You will probably end suffering a heart attack before finishing it. Because although you get more skilled each time you play it, when you die 30 times in the same place, you start being annoyed about it, but even though you need to pass that room so you will continue trying it until you pass it, and then, you realize the next one is harder than the last one.

giphy (1)As you can see this game is designed by a person who loves difficult games, so, if you like them too, you should try it. This game will be finished around the beginning of next year and the price is still undecided. You can download this game in the developer webpage. If you want to get more information about this game don’t doubt in contacting us via twitter / email or contact the developer . You can also check his twitter profile clicking here


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