30th Century Man is a local multiplayer platformer set in a cyberpunk universe. Players will be able to interact with room items like control panels wich will have to be hacked to take boosters as powerful turrets or regeneration. They will be able to upgrade their weapons by an upgrade statión that will have to be hacked too.

Influenced by cyberpunk themed movies, games, stories and games and the developers’ genuine love for Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell have inspired this studio to start making this project with an enormus pixelart master piece in all it’s background. At this moment future price and releasing day is unknown but when they finish working on core fuctions and they prepare the playable versus mode they have planned to develop a story movie.


As in every review if you want to get more information about this game don’t doubt in contacting us via twitter / email or contact the developers earlysungames@gmail.com . You can also check their webpage here you can every update this game have. And also contact them via twitter

These photos show the game under development, and there can be things that have been changed in the game with the new updates


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