oPsFq5jSzp6yQcQv+4Hotline Miami + These crazy graphics + A huge variety of weapons that in every update is bigger? And not just this…At this moment Bullet runner is FREE, until it is released in September.  

This game is an early-access action-packed shooter game, with lots of different items, enemies and playable characters. The game is currently in heavy development, but will be released in September for PC on Steam! The game is being developed by HedgefogGames, an indie game development company located in the Netherlands. If you want to see their webpage just click ⇒here⇐If you want more info or you have any question about it contact  us via twitter / email or contact  the developers (contact@bulletrunner.com)


These photos show the game under development, and there can be things that have been changed in the game with the new updates




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